Choosing Serenity

Choosing Serenity We are bombarded incessantly by the world around us: e-mails, texts, phone calls, Social Media, etc. all clamoring for our attention as never before. And our peace of mind, our serenity suffers as a result. Quiet time has always been important, but in today’s world it is imperative. So, set aside some timeContinue reading “Choosing Serenity”

Anger and Indignation: The Price

Anger and Indignation: The Price Anger and indignation are spiritual poison. Period. When we are angry, outraged, indignant, upset or offended, who pays the price? We do. Sure, we may vent at the source of our displeasure, but our face becomes red, our heart beats faster, our blood pressure rises, our serenity is lost, ourContinue reading “Anger and Indignation: The Price”

Grudging Deliverance

Grudging Deliverance When facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge in life, finding our back against the wall, all secular answers and escape routes seemingly exhausted, beset on all sides by fear and the perceived negative outcome, we become willing. From this nadir of spirit, a spark of faith bursts into life. In truth it was alwaysContinue reading “Grudging Deliverance”

Regret and Fear

Regret and Fear “Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for the past and fear of the future” Fulton Oursler. When in the grip of fear that sense of something dreadful lurking around the next corner ready to attack and rend us asunder is often overwhelming, our peace in spirit lost inContinue reading “Regret and Fear”

If You Had 3 Wishes

If You Had 3 Wishes If you had three wishes, what would they be? Riches? Immortality? A perfect body unaffected by any food consumed or sedentary lifestyle? Your children healthy and prospering? Mosquitoes extinct? Probably we have all dreamed of what we would ask for if Aladdin’s lamp came into our possession. How about theContinue reading “If You Had 3 Wishes”

Miraculous Revealed

Miraculous Revealed Ever wonder where the phrase One Day At A Time popularized by Alcoholics Anonymous came from?  Emmet Fox is the most likely source, he wrote: “Live in today, and do not allow yourself to live in the past under any pretense. Living in the past means thinking about the past, rehearsing past events,Continue reading “Miraculous Revealed”

No Mere Words

No Mere Words Many believe that change and growth can come through discourse alone. That sounding off and speaking out accomplishes anything lasting. Today, just as yesterday and the day before, impassioned speeches will be delivered from the bedraggled fellow in Hyde Park speaker’s corner to the United Nations. Chances are none of them willContinue reading “No Mere Words”

Spiritual Wet Cement

Spiritual Wet Cement The natural tidal flows of our spiritual unfolding can be disconcerting. Often this happens when our life is going well, we feel connected, in Source, not a cloud on the horizon and then seemingly out of nowhere a sense of being disconnected, out of sorts, edgy, struck with shadows of discontent seeminglyContinue reading “Spiritual Wet Cement”

The Captain Is Still On the Bridge 2019

The Captain Is Still On the Bridge 2019 Certain teachings rise to the level of “sell all the books, everything needed is here.” Emmet Fox provides one of those with: The Captain Is On The Bridge (Around The Year With Emmet Fox pg. 248) for dealing with fear. Consider, when he said this America wasContinue reading “The Captain Is Still On the Bridge 2019”

Relaxed Contrary Action

Relaxed Contrary Action Living on the Spiritual Basis we stand vigilant and are never afraid of questioning or re-examining any belief or position regardless of how long we may have held it. The truth will set you free is true whether we have been on the path a few months or most of our lives.Continue reading “Relaxed Contrary Action”

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