Spiritual Wet Cement

Spiritual Wet Cement

The natural tidal flows of our spiritual unfolding can be disconcerting. Often this happens when our life is going well, we feel connected, in Source, not a cloud on the horizon and then seemingly out of nowhere a sense of being disconnected, out of sorts, edgy, struck with shadows of discontent seemingly obscuring our vision. Consider: Most modern buildings rest on a concrete foundation. It would be a foolish builder indeed who attempts to build on wet cement. They wait for the concrete to “cure”, to become strong enough to support the construction to come. Just as a builder cannot begin construction on a new floor until the underlying construction is sufficiently sound, the same holds for our spiritual growth. Our consciousness is a mufti-story construct and just as in the modern skyscraper, it is built one floor at a time. If we succumb to the adversary Fear and allow morbid reflection to become dominate the underpinnings of our new and expanding consciousness can be weakened before they have had sufficient time to “cure.” The result could lead to a collapse in our peace and serenity, possibly even creating a crisis of faith.

The construction of our spiritual awakening is a never-ending process, a structure of infinite wonder and of truly unlimited size and scope. In those inevitable times of seeming no growth, perceived lack of progress or discontent, take heart and remember this truth, often a cloudy day is just a cloudy day, but the sun is always shining above the clouds. Stay consistent in action and soon the current level of work will become fixed, the lessons learned in truth, written on our heart, ready to be built on anew. Be consistent in that which has brought you to this point but do not rush for rushing spiritually leads only to setbacks at best and collapse at worst. So, let the Miraculous as you understand it teach you and guide you through prayer and meditation, but avoid struggle, allow the process to happen naturally relying on Divine Love as your chief architect and building inspector and you cannot fail to succeed.

Miracles Of Recovery

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