When You Change The Way You Look At Things….

Freedom from addiction is not, and has never been one size fits all. Today more resources and paths of treatment and recovery are available than ever before yet decades of bitter experience has clearly demonstrated though that whether it is classic 12 Step recovery, CBT, DBT, EMDR, Smart Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, etc. without engagement inContinue reading “When You Change The Way You Look At Things….”

Miracles Of Recovery

Miracles Of Recovery will build an all-inclusive atmosphere and platform for all who suffer from addiction as well as those who love them, addressing the stigma of SUD (substance use disorder), embracing all recovery paths, while providing real and affordable continuing engagement with treatment professionals and established recovery communities worldwide as well as creating newContinue reading “Miracles Of Recovery”

Spiritual Facelifts

Spiritual Facelifts Write this large upon your heart: What we concentrate on manifests in our lives, mentally and physically. When we focus on fear, loss, anger, resentment, worry, envy or any of the whole host of negative thinking morbid reflection engenders, not only do we suffer mentally and emotionally, it alters our appearance. Worry linesContinue reading “Spiritual Facelifts”

Hard Selling God

Hard Selling God Some time ago I had a conversation (a berating more accurately) with an adamant “my way or the highway” Christian. You have probably met one, within the first few minutes of conversation they ask if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and if you don’t answer to theirContinue reading “Hard Selling God”

Freedom In Spirit

Freedom In Spirit Often, we fail to measure the words we employ or take the time to consider their ultimate impact, the unintended consequences. You have probably experienced the sick feeling when you have said something, you would give anything to have back; unfortunately, we cannot un-ring a bell. Conversely there are the times whenContinue reading “Freedom In Spirit”

Analysis Versus Action

Analysis Versus Action A centipede was quite happy, Until a frog in fun Said, “Pray, which leg comes after which?” This raised her mind to such a pitch, She lay distracted in the ditch, Considering how to run. Living on the Spiritual Basis requires us to avoid over analyzing our beliefs, but live them whileContinue reading “Analysis Versus Action”

Today’s Headline (again): WE ARE DOOMED!

Today’s Headline (again): WE ARE DOOMED! I comment on this Emmet Fox teaching a couple times every year, for it is always applicable in my life, the teaching timeless. I began following politics in 1968 and came of age politically during the election of 1972. Since then one truth has become abundantly clear: regardless ofContinue reading “Today’s Headline (again): WE ARE DOOMED!”

Vintage D.T.Y.T.S.

Vintage D.T.Y.T.S. A while back an individual posted online that I needed medical help, based solely on my blog picture viewed on their mobile device. Pretty insightful. So, I immediately headed to the ER for help. The staff was waiting for me (since the government now reads all posts and follows everyone with drones) andContinue reading “Vintage D.T.Y.T.S.”

Today’s Gift and The Presence

Today’s Gift and The Presence When we find ourselves drifting out of the present moment, dwelling either in the past or projecting into the future, we open the door to morbid reflection. When thinking about the past what usually surfaces? Is it the overwhelming number of times when things went well, when we did theContinue reading “Today’s Gift and The Presence”

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