Miracles Of Recovery

Miracles Of Recovery will build an all-inclusive atmosphere and platform for all who suffer from addiction as well as those who love them, addressing the stigma of SUD (substance use disorder), embracing all recovery paths, while providing real and affordable continuing engagement with treatment professionals and established recovery communities worldwide as well as creating newContinue reading “Miracles Of Recovery”

Fear Hates Unicorns

Fear Hates Unicorns A gathering of geese is a gaggle. A brood of chickens is a clutch. A gathering of unicorns is known as a blessing. Unicorns hold a curious place in our consciousness. Virtually every other creature, whether real or mythical, has been depicted as both good and evil, depending on the point tryingContinue reading “Fear Hates Unicorns”

The Zombies Of Morbid Reflection

The Zombies Of Morbid Reflection Resentments are persistent things, a lot like zombies. When we reflect morbidly on the past we are engaging in mental grave robbing. Now, no matter what else we do, until a zombie is dealt with, typically by shooting them in the head if the movies are accurate, they will keepContinue reading “The Zombies Of Morbid Reflection”

Cause And Manifestation

Cause And Manifestation Ever watch a music video? Whether it is a classical pianist, violinist or someone shredding on an electric guitar or drum kit, where does the camera typically focus? On the instrument. Sure, there will be shots of their face and other musicians interspersed, but most of the time the camera will beContinue reading “Cause And Manifestation”

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