Cause And Manifestation

Cause And Manifestation

Ever watch a music video? Whether it is a classical pianist, violinist or someone shredding on an electric guitar or drum kit, where does the camera typically focus? On the instrument. Sure, there will be shots of their face and other musicians interspersed, but most of the time the camera will be focused on the instrument. Why? Well, that is where the action is. But in truth, the hands playing the instrument are merely the physical manifestation of the music being created, the cause of the music is within the musician, unseen. 

The Miraculous, God, is cause. We are manifestation. But unlike the musical instrument, we have free will and can choose to reject the music we know in our heart of hearts will set us free. Faith without works is dead. Intending to act honorably, be of selfless service to others, to forgive are all wonderful thoughts to hold, but if we fail to act in a righteous manner, though the cause, our thoughts righteous; the manifestation, our actions are not which leads to suffering in Spirit since we have decided to reject freedom for the fear directed voice of self.  

Living on the Spiritual Basis we have come to understand the Miraculous works through us, it is the cause and we are the manifestation of Divine will and Love. Our job, our only real task in this life is to prepare ourselves to be the best possible instrument of His will. We accomplish this by employing daily prayer and meditation, embracing forgiveness for all, performing a daily constructive inventory of our actions coupled with selfless service to those struggling. And just as the camera focuses mainly on the instrument, so the world sees us, but we know the truth: we are manifestations of Divine Love, messengers of freedom from the bondage of self, true cause on display.

Miracles Of Recovery

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