Becoming A Stradivarius

Becoming A Stradivarius

Being loved is wonderful; it fills our heart and puts a smile on our face. Demonstrating love towards loved ones and friends is easy, but what of the “unlovely” whose actions we find objectionable? Those who have committed crimes beyond the pale, have acted in ways reprehensible or hold beliefs and opinions we find anathema? To be clear: Divine (unconditional) Love does not suggest blind acceptance of another’s transgressions or world view. Additionally, we can only forgive the transgressions committed against us, for each must do their own spiritual work in embracing and demonstrating forgiveness, the one true path of freedom from the bondage of self.

When we walk this path in earnest, we embrace God’s love and guidance, seeking to be an instrument of His will. Consider: a Stradivarius violin is just an old piece of lacquered wood with strings until a master violinist places it to their shoulder and begins to play, transforming it from mere old wood and strings to something magical, creating a sound without peer. As great as the violinist may be though, without the violin nothing happens. As exquisite an instrument as the violin may be, it only truly comes alive in the hands of a master.

We are imperfect beings, prone to error while God is perfection. By Living on the Spiritual Basis and embracing forgiveness we fit ourselves to be the finest instrument possible. Living in the Light we are convinced that God wants us to be Happy, Joyous and Free, that Divine Love is freely given, but it is dependent on us to ask, to step out in faith, and just as the violin does not tune itself, we do not remove our shortcomings without help. When we are resentful, fearful, believing we are justified in anger or demonstrating any of the defects of character we are capable of, it is Divine Love that re-tunes our heart, brings us back to our right mind, forgives, restoring us to the sanity of true spirit, our notes, our lives, ringing clear and sweet once again.

Miracles Of Recovery

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