Faiths’ Foot Soldiers

Faiths’ Foot Soldiers

Do you pray and meditate daily? If not, what could possibly be of more importance? Living on the Spiritual Basis requires consistent effort, so pick up pen and paper right now and list the reasons why you are resistant to meditation and prayer, I’ll wait…….

Looking at them in black and white; they are pretty weak, aren’t they? Especially when you consider you have been choosing excuses over freedom! If a rich benefactor approached you and the only requirement for consistent access to their fortune and help was physically exercising a few minutes every day, would you find excuses not to exercise? Considering you get to decide when to exercise and how, intensity not the goal, just consistency and all your financial needs vanish, permanently, would you hesitate? If you met someone with this kind of arraignment who then started lamenting all the reasons (remember your list) why working out consistently was “hard,” how would you respond?

The choice is always ours. We can live on the Spiritual Basis or visit it. To be clear: If we wait for trouble to come before we pray, God will still hear our prayers and act to our benefit, the difference between living in the light and running to it in fear is the wear and tear we place on ourselves. Trouble comes for all, the rain falls on the just and unjust equally, and consistent prayer and meditation prepares us for those times. So, what are you waiting for? Daily prayer and meditation demonstrate willingness, willingness the foot soldier of faith, faith the buffer that smooths the road, the road of Happy Destiny.

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