Mindful Diligence

Living on the Spiritual Basis requires diligence, mindful of what are we planting (or allowing to remain) in our spiritual garden (consciousness). To be free of the fear driven life we need to ask ourselves regularly: Am I trying to impress others, curry favor, perhaps falsely believing, hoping, if they think I am okay, IContinue reading “Mindful Diligence”

Promising The Moon

Promising The Moon In truth, many wish to enjoy a “certain” reputation they know in their heart they don’t deserve. “Handsome is as handsome does” sounds a bit simple minded but it states the truth of this well. A consistently ill-tempered person may indeed wish, even long to be loved and cherished, but their veryContinue reading “Promising The Moon”

My Mama

My Mama That new age sage, Forrest Gump, famously said “Sh*t happens.” And it does, sinner or saint, everyone encounters difficulties in life. Some self-inflicted, many just happenstances, the key being how we react when they come. A wise man said to me long ago “Everyone takes a turn in the barrel.” The problems beginContinue reading “My Mama”

Building, a day at a time

Building, a day at a time “Live, one day at a time.” But what does that really mean? Living on the Spiritual Basis the meaning is simple and profound: The only time we can be present for God, the only time we can stand in the presence of God, the only time we can beContinue reading “Building, a day at a time”

Fear, the Thief of Serenity

Fear, the Thief of Serenity To progress spiritually, to grow in consciousness, requires effort, work on our part. Additionally, no one can do another’s spiritual work for them anymore than we can eat a meal for a friend. To live free of the fear driven life we must cultivate open mindedness and remain willing toContinue reading “Fear, the Thief of Serenity”

Successful Living

Successful Living “Man is essentially spiritual, the image and likeness of God, and therefore he is made for the spiritual basis, and he cannot really succeed on any other.” Emmet Fox. Living on the Spiritual Basis requires focus and commitment. Halfhearted demonstrations lead inevitably to struggle, unhappiness and ultimate failure in spirit. Wishing to enjoyContinue reading “Successful Living”

In Service To

In Service To Each of us have “two masters” and we always serve one or the other: our carnal often fear driven human mind or our Spiritual Heart. Understanding spiritual principles is important, the filling of our mind with spiritual knowledge the first step. The curious thing about spiritual knowledge though is many believe acquiringContinue reading “In Service To”

Never Hesitate

Never Hesitate Some believe praying for oneself is somehow selfish, but this is at best a half truth and it is never selfish when we speak honestly from the heart. Every conversation; whether aloud or in our mind’s eye, with God is a prayer and Living on the Spiritual Basis we do not filter ourContinue reading “Never Hesitate”


Venting Usually when asked how I’m doing my response is: “It’s another beautiful day in paradise.” Why? First, most really don’t want to know in any detail, since essentially this is just a form of saying hello and this lets them off the hook. Admit it, there have been times when you have used “HowContinue reading “Venting”

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