Our True Success

Our True Success Success is characteristically measured by possessions, popularity, living the “good” life and so on. Chasing “secular” health is about looking and feeling good at any price, taking, using, and doing whatever to achieve something which is passing at best. Conversely Spiritual success is measured by the peace, poise, and serenity we demonstrateContinue reading “Our True Success”

Conning Ourselves

Conning Ourselves “He wants to enjoy a certain reputation, but knows in his heart he doesn’t deserve it.” Con artists portray themselves in whatever manner necessary to achieve their ultimate goal: relieving the mark of their money or property. Whether it requires appearing down and out or worth millions, a good ole boy or foreignContinue reading “Conning Ourselves”

Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks There are many laws, both secular and spiritual. Man’s laws fill uncounted volumes and are constantly being amended, ignored, and broken. But what of Spiritual “laws”: The Law of Retribution, the Law of Unintended Consequence, Reaping and Sowing and others? What sets these laws apart from Man’s laws is they are impersonal inContinue reading “Opportunity Knocks”

Too Smart by Half

Too Smart by Half I hike for fitness, both mental and physical, and as a result have hiked thousands of miles, in all manner of conditions and terrain. I use first quality kit: shoes, backpack, carbon fiber trekking poles, etc. I stay well hydrated on the trail and am well aware of my limits, givenContinue reading “Too Smart by Half”

A Sea of Laurels

A Sea of Laurels Living on the Spiritual Basis provides unlimited horizons for growth and expanding our consciousness, but we must take the action. Think of it this way: Our consciousness floats in a infinite sea, this sea connecting everyone and everything, Divine Love surrounding us. When we made the decision to live on aContinue reading “A Sea of Laurels”

False Fires

False Fires As we live and learn, growing in awareness, practicing daily our new way of life; Living on the Spiritual Basis, not only our perspective but our actions have begun to change naturally as we are beginning to truly see and demonstrate Divine Love. We see the world less and less through the prismContinue reading “False Fires”

Needing and Wanting and God’s Will

Needing and Wanting and God’s Will Having now Lived on the Spiritual Basis for a time the power of prayer in our lives and others is evident. So, the question isn’t whether prayer works/changes things but why it appears curiously inconsistent, why some prayers are answered while others are seemingly unheard. We need to beContinue reading “Needing and Wanting and God’s Will”

Imperfect Perfection

Imperfect Perfection Many religions hang their collective spiritual hats on an imperfect dogma of perfection: that we are imperfect at birth and though we should strive for perfection we will always fall short, requiring leadership and earthly direction from others for our ultimate salvation. To be clear: Religion and religious teaching and guidance have beenContinue reading “Imperfect Perfection”

Where They Came From

Where They Came From The mottoes Easy Does It, One Day at a Time, First Things First, Live and Let Live and Think, Think, Think adorn the walls of 12 Step recovery meeting rooms and clubs around the globe. Few realize however these concepts entered AA’s collective consciousness most likely from Emmet Fox. The early membersContinue reading “Where They Came From”

Conflicts and Intuition

Conflicts and Intuition How we respond to conflicts in our lives is an indication of our Spiritual condition. The usual ways most respond is to either square up and meet force with force (usually verbally) or to withdraw as rapidly as possible, the often remarked on fight or flight reaction. Living on the Spiritual BasisContinue reading “Conflicts and Intuition”

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