A Sea of Laurels

A Sea of Laurels

Living on the Spiritual Basis provides unlimited horizons for growth and expanding our consciousness, but we must take the action. Think of it this way: Our consciousness floats in a infinite sea, this sea connecting everyone and everything, Divine Love surrounding us. When we made the decision to live on a different basis, the basis of trusting and relying upon a Power Greater Than Ourselves we choose to move away from the islands of fear, selfish and self-centered pursuits and toward increased awareness and purpose, our consciousness, our relationship/connection with true source improving as we progress. This however requires steadfast and consistent effort on our part.

Now, no one spends all their time in the sea. We all climb out from time to time for a variety of reasons and rest on our laurels along the shore, the laurels (think peace of mind and heart) generated from the spiritual work we have done, the truths we have embraced. The problems begin if we attempt to set up camp, believing we have arrived, losing sight of the reality that our continued growth rests in our willingness to continue moving forward, exploring, since our spiritual awakening is an ongoing process. But take heart, we have all done it; perhaps you are doing it now. Whenever I have it does not take long for the leaves to dry out, becoming hard and stiff, resulting in restlessness and a vague sense of discontentment, encouraging action.So, when the leaves begin to stiffen, take note, and get back in the sea, for something wonderful lies just beyond the horizon.  

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