In Service To

In Service To

Each of us have “two masters” and we always serve one or the other: our carnal often fear driven human mind or our Spiritual Heart. Understanding spiritual principles is important, the filling of our mind with spiritual knowledge the first step. The curious thing about spiritual knowledge though is many believe acquiring it is the goal, application situational. Consider: having a great deal of medical knowledge doesn’t make one a doctor, to truly become a doctor we must first acquire knowledge and then under careful experienced supervision put this knowledge into action, turning learning into experience, moving from the theoretical to the real; in Spiritual terms, from head to heart.

This maxim holds true in every area of life, but no area more important than our spiritual life, yet many fail to walk the way they talk. In pursuit of material and secular success individuals often go too tremendous lengths; while willingly ignoring the Spiritual imperative, “life” success measured in material possessions and accolades; their actions demonstrating their true heart’s desire while living at odds with the Spiritual imperative. A head full of spiritual knowledge without the corresponding demonstration amounts to a half measure, and spiritually half measures avail us nothing. Only we know if “we walk the way we talk”, only we know in our heart of hearts which master we serve. Choose wisely.

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