Never Hesitate

Never Hesitate

Some believe praying for oneself is somehow selfish, but this is at best a half truth and it is never selfish when we speak honestly from the heart. Every conversation; whether aloud or in our mind’s eye, with God is a prayer and Living on the Spiritual Basis we do not filter our conversations with the Miraculous, for if we do we are relying on our limited consciousness to manage our relationship with the Infinite, a text book example of limitation fear-tinged thinking. In truth, God already knows the issues of our heart, the conversation/prayer demonstrating our willingness, to step out in faith to taste Spiritual freedom, raising our consciousness as well as our fellows since all are connected in Spirit. 

When our “eye is single” we understand what holds our attention manifests in our lives, changes our perceptions, our consciousness raised when our focus is Divinely inspired. God will not, cannot bring anything into our lives which will harm us or others, for good and God are synonymous, so never hesitate to speak to God on any subject, for in so doing our attention is focused on what truly matters, our relationship with “Our Father” from which everything else in life flows and in so doing we will comprehend serenity, find our true place and know peace. So, praying for ourselves is not only unselfish, it is required for our growth.

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