Successful Living

Successful Living

“Man is essentially spiritual, the image and likeness of God, and therefore he is made for the spiritual basis, and he cannot really succeed on any other.” Emmet Fox. Living on the Spiritual Basis requires focus and commitment. Halfhearted demonstrations lead inevitably to struggle, unhappiness and ultimate failure in spirit. Wishing to enjoy the reputation of someone who embraces spiritual principles but live with one foot in the secular and one in the spiritual leads only to discontent and strife, for the double minded individual is unstable in all their ways.

We step from ship to shore spiritually by engaging in consistent heartfelt prayer, meditation and selfless service, eschewing the carnal fear driven voice by these demonstrations in faith. Living in this manner we have come to understand the “rain falls on the just and unjust” equally, everyone touched by the vagaries of living, these moments all opportunities to either demonstrate over fear, or be dominated by it. Living On The Spiritual Basis sets us free, regardless of current circumstances.

So, speak to the Miraculous in prayer, withholding nothing and unburden yourself of the last vestiges of self-centered fear and stride out wholeheartedly on to the only truly successful basis for living, the Spiritual Basis.

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