Fear, the Thief of Serenity

Fear, the Thief of Serenity

To progress spiritually, to grow in consciousness, requires effort, work on our part. Additionally, no one can do another’s spiritual work for them anymore than we can eat a meal for a friend. To live free of the fear driven life we must cultivate open mindedness and remain willing to explore new spiritual experiences.

Self-centered fear is a thief, lurking in the shadows, cunning, patiently waiting to strike, to steal our peace of mind and serenity, leaving anxiety and depression in its wake. So, we ask in prayer and meditation that any notion any part of our lives or thinking, any shadow, is unseen by the Miraculous be removed. Of course, in truth, nothing is or ever was hidden, but we need to state this in prayer while affirming it in meditation, so any lingering thoughts that anything exists outside Divine sight will be smashed.

In this way we learn to live in the light, for in truth darkness only exists in the shadows we cast when attempting to live at odds with our true self and our birthright as children of the Miraculous. Living on the Spiritual Basis everything is illuminated, so when we err, for we all do, this simple reliance on Power Greater Than Ourselves as we have come to understand it, will take us to better things, forgiven as soon as we ask, our course of action made clear and unmistakable.

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