Conning Ourselves

Conning Ourselves

“He wants to enjoy a certain reputation, but knows in his heart he doesn’t deserve it.” Con artists portray themselves in whatever manner necessary to achieve their ultimate goal: relieving the mark of their money or property. Whether it requires appearing down and out or worth millions, a good ole boy or foreign dignitary, sinner, or saint, they become whatever it takes to achieve their goal. The con artist however doesn’t deceive themselves as to who they really are. As soon as the con is done, win or lose, they move on, shedding the portrayal like a pair of dirty socks.

Spiritually though many con themselves unknowingly. They approach Spirituality in much the same manner as they do their other nonspiritual activities: as a task to be completed. Then trouble comes it may be economic, family or health in nature. Being nominal students of Living on the Spiritual Basis, they feel abandoned, let down by “God” for just as the con artist they had only worn the clothes of the convicted in faith, saying the right words at the correct time, doing, and acting as a believer should, living under the false belief that by merely acting correctly they were doing the work. They are like the hungry man who stashed away the seed for a great harvest but never planted the crop.

Faith without works is dead and Spiritual work without faith is just activity. We all reap as we sow and in the garden of our spiritual lives our crop must be planted with care and interest, watered with love and service, the weeds of discontent and fear removed as soon as we become aware of them. Additionally, we have learned to pray with a feather, gently, considering our words, speaking from the Heart, remembering this is our time with the Conscious Creative Life Force at the Heart of all Creation.

     You “…cannot transmit something you haven’t got” so we quietly tend our garden in earnest, reaping peace, and true purpose, being present for the Miraculous in the moment, for it is only in this moment that we can be present for God, our lives, in truth, a series of moments in eternity strung together in faith.

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