Autism, Addiction and Me

  I was born in 1955. Way back then there were basically 3 types of “kids”: just the regular let’s play hide-an-seek, build a fort, throw rocks, ride bikes, ring doorbells and run, make random calls and ask if “Ben Dover” was home (caller ID ruined that), get muddy, mercurochromed bloody knees and elbows, beContinue reading “Autism, Addiction and Me”

Miracles Of Recovery

Miracles Of Recovery will build an all-inclusive atmosphere and platform for all who suffer from addiction as well as those who love them, addressing the stigma of SUD (substance use disorder), embracing all recovery paths, while providing real and affordable continuing engagement with treatment professionals and established recovery communities worldwide as well as creating newContinue reading “Miracles Of Recovery”

Heathens In Our Head

Heathens In Our Head Everything we say, do or observe is recorded. Everything. Not by God, or some heavenly scribe watching our every move, but by each of us. It is written upon our heart, in our hand, recorded in our subconscious. Every questionable or negative thing we have ever said or done (as wellContinue reading “Heathens In Our Head”

Miracles Of Recovery

Vincent Lee Jones 714-366-1725 Specialties: Assisting those not only struggling with addiction in all its forms and guises, but their loved ones as well. Guide not only to classic 12 Step based recovery, but other modalities and paths since recovery is not one size fits all. As an avid hiker I incorporate nature intoContinue reading “Miracles Of Recovery”

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