Heathens In Our Head

Heathens In Our Head

Everything we say, do or observe is recorded. Everything. Not by God, or some heavenly scribe watching our every move, but by each of us. It is written upon our heart, in our hand, recorded in our subconscious. Every questionable or negative thing we have ever said or done (as well as the good, but the good is never the problem) is still with us and it often seems the Devil himself unleashes these “heathens in our head”into the forefront of our thinking in an attempt to destroy our peace of mind and heart and fill us with fear, shame and all manner of negativity.

To be clear, we have no control over the negative memories that float up from our subconscious, driven by the heathens of morbid reflection, but we have complete control over the action we take when we become aware of these berserkers attempting to destroy our serenity.Our course is simple, we turn from the lower to the higher in prayer and meditation as soon as we become aware of the assault. We turn the sunlight of the spirit upon the discordant thoughts and assert the truth of Being: that we have been forgiven, restored, completely and forever, that Our Father’s love is unconditional, with us, in us now; negative thoughts phantoms, insubstantial,powerless in the face of His love and guidance.

The heathens are patient and cunning so we must remain vigilant in order to address negativity and morbid reflection as soon as the assault begins. The truth will set you free and the truth is we are now living on a different basis, the basis of trusting and relying upon God. Upon this basis the record, all the record, of our lives becomes our greatest asset in helping others to freedom from the bondage of self, it’s value inestimable, heathens be damned.
Miracles Of Recovery

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