Fleeing Babel

Fleeing Babel

There are a few stories in the Old Testament pretty much everyone has some knowledge of, the Tower of Babel being one of them. Considering this story, what would the world look like if we all spoke the same language, had complete access to unfiltered, accurate information? Everyone on the “same” page, nothing lost in translation, language barriers unknown, what a different world it would be. The good and bad of this making for an interesting thought experiment.

The Good News is such a common language exists and Living on the Spiritual Basis is at the root, for when we practice the Presence of God in all our activities, the heart speaks, and when the heart speaks, hearts listen. Regardless of the secular language employed for communication the Language of the Heart is universal. Be the words Russian, French, Chinese or Urdu if we begin each day asking in morning meditation to be shown the way of patience, tolerance, kindliness and love we speak as one. If we are asking throughout our day to be shown how we may be of service to God and our fellows, we speak with one voice. When we consistently place the welfare of others ahead of our own, we demonstrate the universal language of Divine Love. What would the world look like if everyone spoke this language, the language of the Heart? Heaven.

Miracles Of Recovery

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