Abide In God

Abide In God

Today the most widely accepted definition of abide is to tolerate, to put up with something or someone. However, 150 years ago the accepted definition was to dwell: to live or reside in a place (Encarta). Living on the Spiritual Basis is a conscious decision. We choose to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God in a dynamic sense. In this way we become aware of our defects of character and shortcomings and become willing in Spirit to address them, and through His love, guidance and power we grow. Knowing we will make mistakes, but stepping out in faith regardless; in truth, forgiven as soon as we ask, the transgression forgotten, not to be repeated if we are sincere in our desire to grow and change. Therefore, to abide in God is to live through and of Him, trembling and fearful though we may be, one day at a time.

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