A Seven Day Mental Diet For 2019

A Seven Day Mental Diet For 2019 Most diets focus on the waistline, the Seven Day Mental Diet addresses the negative fear based limitation thinking which lies at the heart of all failure and perceived lack in our lives. In the garden of our thoughts we must learn to carefully choose the crops (thoughts) weContinue reading “A Seven Day Mental Diet For 2019”

Our Problematic Nature

Our Problematic Nature Left to our own devices, changing our nature or perhaps more accurately growing beyond it, is problematic. Consider the smoker who decides to quit yet keeps a pack of cigarettes handy just in case the stress becomes too great or the alcoholic who swears off but continues to frequent their favorite wateringContinue reading “Our Problematic Nature”

Abide In God

Abide In God Today the most widely accepted definition of abide is to tolerate, to put up with something or someone. However, 150 years ago the accepted definition was to dwell: to live or reside in a place (Encarta). Living on the Spiritual Basis is a conscious decision. We choose to turn our will andContinue reading “Abide In God”

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