A Seven Day Mental Diet For 2019

A Seven Day Mental Diet For 2019

Most diets focus on the waistline, the Seven Day Mental Diet addresses the negative fear based limitation thinking which lies at the heart of all failure and perceived lack in our lives. In the garden of our thoughts we must learn to carefully choose the crops (thoughts) we plant and nurture in our consciousness. One of the fundamental truths of being is the thoughts we entertain consistently will outsource in our lives. Whatever we are reading, watching on television, the internet, the topics we consistently chat about with friends and family, the thoughts we dwell on privately (secretly) when alone, all comprise the garden of our lives, the “food of thought” we partake of daily. Remember this fundamental truth: thought is causative and once our mental diet is in order, everything else in our lives will fall into place.

Day One: Be aware of the thoughts floating through your minds’ eye, the “food” you are mentally ingesting. The key is to observe passively and not judge or try to discern the origin of a particular thought at this time, for this leads to reflecting morbidly which in turn leads to failure. Stay in the moment, observing the types and frequency of the random thoughts that float into your consciousness. Keep notes if it helps, no extra points for spelling or correct punctuation. DO NOT tell anyone that you are on this diet or any other for that matter, for to do so all but guarantees failure. If the idea of doing this makes you cringe, then don’t. You are not ready. Just file it away and when ready, this wonderful tool of freedom will be available.
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