A New Approach To Start The New Year

A New Approach To Start The New Year

We live with a continuous barrage of negativity. Read any newspaper, watch any news channel or surf the internet and the hammers of negativity begin doing their work on our psyche. Living on the Spiritual Basis is a choice, it is the road less traveled. History is an invaluable tool that few truly employ. There is nothing in today’s headlines that has not happened before, nothing.

     “The world is not going to the dogs. The human race is not doomed. Civilization is not going to crash. The captain is on the bridge. Humanity is going through a difficult time, but humanity has gone through difficulties many times before in its long history, and has always come through, strengthened and purified.
           Do not worry yourself about the universe collapsing. It is not going to collapse, and anyway that question is none of your business. The captain is on the bridge. If the survival of humanity depended upon you or me, it would be a poor lookout for the Great Enterprise, would it not?
            The captain is on the bridge. God is still in business. All that you have to do is to realize the Presence of God where trouble seems to be, to do your nearest duty to the very best of your ability; and to keep an even mind until the storm is over.”

When Emmet Fox wrote this in the 1930’s the depression was in full swing, prohibition the law of the land, the heart of America gripped in a manmade “black blizzard” of dust that bankrupted and displaced millions, the storm clouds of war gathering in Europe as Hitler rose to power. Economic hardship, unemployment, war on drugs, environmental disasters, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, bickering politicians, same stories only the names and dates have changed. Politicians and leaders, both religious and secular, have been applying the same answers and solutions to mankind’s struggles for thousands of years, with the same results transcending generations. Unfortunately, each succeeding generation fails to profit from the lessons learned by their predecessors and proceeds to travel down the same failed paths, leading inevitably to more pain and suffering.

Nothing changes if nothing changes, but when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. Living on the Spiritual Basis we trust infinite God rather than our finite self or the world for salvation, for if we are ever to truly walk a different path as a people, the change must begin within each of us. So once again, our mantra needs to be: Let there be peace, and let it begin with me.
Miracles Of Recovery 

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