Fear Hates Unicorns

Fear Hates Unicorns

A gathering of geese is a gaggle. A brood of chickens is a clutch. A gathering of unicorns is known as a blessing. Unicorns hold a curious place in our consciousness. Virtually every other creature, whether real or mythical, has been depicted as both good and evil, depending on the point trying to be made or the consciousness of the time. Cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt and then nearly wiped out in Europe during the Middle Ages since many believed them to be the familiars of witches, which is believed to have caused the flea infested rat population to explode, spreading the black plague. Lions, tigers, bears (oh my!), snakes, dragons, sharks, spiders, crocodiles, horses and dogs have spent time on either side of the street and though typically negative, even rats and cockroaches have found some to sing their praises. The unicorn however is always depicted in a positive, mystical light, never deadly or harmful directly or indirectly, the most negative depiction its supposed foolishness when called by Noah.

Spiritually the unicorn represents freedom and willingness and by Living on the Spiritual Basis we choose to ride the unicorn. Unlike the horse, which is bridled and controlled, the unicorn will not submit to saddle or bridle for it is not a beast of burden but a force of nature. The unicorn does not need our input on the direction of travel, for its vision is singular. The unicorn does not require our strength, for it draws strength directly from The Source of all creation. The unicorn does not go around trouble and discontent; for trouble and discontent vanishes as it approaches.

The Adversary, Fear, will shout at us to avoid the unicorn and walk like other men. To be free we resist Fear’s clarion call and jump on the unicorns back as it strides by, grabbing its mane tight, digging our heels into its side for in so doing we demonstrate willingness, though fearful, to ride on, come what may. Soon you will find yourself surrounded by other unicorns, most unfortunately rider less, but truly in the midst of a blessing.

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