The Zombies Of Morbid Reflection

The Zombies Of Morbid Reflection

Resentments are persistent things, a lot like zombies. When we reflect morbidly on the past we are engaging in mental grave robbing. Now, no matter what else we do, until a zombie is dealt with, typically by shooting them in the head if the movies are accurate, they will keep coming back inflicting more havoc and much like zombies resentments move slowly but steadily. Morbid reflection usually starts when we begin rehashing an old hurt, infusing it with new life, often without even remembering how we started down this path of thought in the first place. This mental grave robbing happens when we backtrack on forgiveness. Now Zombies never have our best interests in mind, in fact they just want to eat our brains. Morbid reflection does exactly the same thing, except it is from the inside out.

To be free of morbid reflection we must forgive, in thought and deed, those who have transgressed against us. Additionally, we must forgive ourselves for all our transgressions, real and imagined. As the Great Carpenter taught… let the dead bury the dead (Matthew 8:22), leave resentments and old hurts in the peaceful ground of forgiveness, lest we unearth a morbid reflection zombie and we all know how hard they are to evict once they take up residence.

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