Our Problematic Nature

Our Problematic Nature

Left to our own devices, changing our nature or perhaps more accurately growing beyond it, is problematic. Consider the smoker who decides to quit yet keeps a pack of cigarettes handy just in case the stress becomes too great or the alcoholic who swears off but continues to frequent their favorite watering hole because this is where their “friends” are. Or the addict who stays in touch with their supplier because they really are “friends.” Now I am sure someone has quit smoking, drugs or drinking in this manner, but clearly this path is fraught with impediments to success and more smoking, drug abuse and drinking is usually the outcome. Why do something hard like riding out cravings when relief is a cigarette, drink, pill, line, toke, fix, etc. away, and life can feel pretty dreary, especially when all our “friends” are having such a “good” time.

This type of thinking, though most egregious in someone who suffers from addiction, touches virtually everyone. Consider the diets, the exercise pledges or any vow made that was easily sabotaged by that “deserved” treat, feeling too tired to exercise, choosing to be overwhelmed by the changes the new path requires instead of sticking to them until they became habit. Just like the addict or alcoholic, we meant it when we vowed to change, but quickly drifted back into the familiar, comfortable well-trod modes of thinking and living which preceded that vow to change in the first place!

No person or circumstance can force anyone to permanently change from without. The desire to change must come from within, and it must be desired with fervor. We hold the key to freedom, yet so many desire change, yet sabotage themselves from the start. Simple but not easy, a price must be paid, and that price is the surrendering of self. We must be willing to go to any lengths to embrace a new way of living if we truly wish to change, to grow in spirituality, to have our consciousness raised. Living on the Spiritual Basis, practicing a new set of values and principles we will be set free, free of the bondage of self, free of destructive thinking and actions; our essential nature changed, our consciousness raised, altered, in truth, for all eternity.

Miracles Of Recovery

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