Freedom In Spirit

Freedom In Spirit

Often, we fail to measure the words we employ or take the time to consider their ultimate impact, the unintended consequences. You have probably experienced the sick feeling when you have said something, you would give anything to have back; unfortunately, we cannot un-ring a bell. Conversely there are the times when we have failed to speak up and then rehearse what we wish we should have said, extending the discomfort of our inaction.

Words carry impact, reverberating with life far beyond the moment of their utterance. Fierce resentments have been born from seemingly casual remarks, birthed seemingly from something we felt was innocuous. Fortunately, the converse is true as well, our words have the power to provide hope, healing and solace far beyond our limited understanding.

Having chosen to live on a new basis, the Spiritual Basis, we speak from the heart, delivering the truth to the best of our current understanding, but always wrapping it in love. The goal is to always be of service, to stand for truth, to help and never harm, while realizing we all fall far short of perfection in speech, this lack of perfection humbling, leading ultimately to growth and greater understanding, for such is the path of Freedom In Spirit.
Miracles Of Recovery

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