Please, Help Yourself

Please, Help Yourself

As a young man I proudly wore the coat of the agnostic. Having heard so many state that God was love but if you broke a certain rule you would suffer for all eternity, that the Devil battles with God and actually wins from time to time never made any sense to me so I walked the agnostics’ path. I had always believed there was “something,” some power or intelligence, but the idea of a punishing, score keeping, testing God that could lose battles just did not pass muster. As life progressed, the one thing I did right was keep an open mind, continuing to seek and learn. I studied and investigated everything from Catholicism to Islam, Dianetics to the Rosicrucian’s, learning much but never convinced. Finally, I found myself in a position where I had to face the proposition of God not from some supposed intellectual hilltop but from the depths of depression and pain. Nothing sharpens the mind, cutting away the superfluous like pain, for in the dark night of the soul esoteric knowledge and philosophical debating points lose their significance. Lost in pain and doubt I reached out and my plea was answered, lacking any ambiguity and I was convinced.

Today I know we are all connected in Spirit but each of us walks our own path, daily choosing pain or peace. Our path of awakening following the decisions and choices we make, and in ultimate truth: pain is the only instrument sharp enough to cut away the excess of self.  I now know in my heart of hearts that God desires all His children to be happy, joyous and free and He guides us through the process of enlightenment, freeing us from the bondage of self; as long as we remain open minded and willing, Forgiveness in Spirit our birth right and though there will be painful lessons along the way, suffering is a choice.

So, if you are struggling with the concept of a punishing score keeping God, please borrow mine. When I make a mistake, a daily occurrence, He directs me with the patience of a loving parent, showing me the correct action to take, if I but ask. The price for this connection: pray regularly in the manner that suits you, meditate daily, smile and treat all in the manner you wish to be treated in. Please no pushing; there is plenty of Him to go around. 
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