Spiritual Facelifts

Spiritual Facelifts

Write this large upon your heart: What we concentrate on manifests in our lives, mentally and physically. When we focus on fear, loss, anger, resentment, worry, envy or any of the whole host of negative thinking morbid reflection engenders, not only do we suffer mentally and emotionally, it alters our appearance. Worry lines on the face, bags under the eyes from lack of or restless sleep, twisted visage from a sour stomach, tight jaw and grinding teeth, well you get the picture. When you look in the mirror what do you see? Anything less than the radiance that emanates from a soul at peace demonstrates that we have strayed from the Spiritual Basis and there is work to do.

Take heart though, the good news is when we see it and feel it in our heart Living on The Spiritual Basis provides a clear course of action. We begin by gently turning to God in prayer and thank Him for knowing Him better, asking to be shown the way of patience, tolerance, kindliness and love in all areas of life but particularly in the area (person, place or thing) troubling us. We ask to be shown what action (patience probably the hardest) should be taken and finish with a statement of willingness to be of service in any capacity that He would have us be. Closing with “Thy will be done.” Of course, this is only suggested, change or alter the prayer(s) as it best fits you. The key is in the recognition and speed in which we turn to the Miraculous and choose to trust in infinite wisdom and love instead of our finite selves.

By embracing this way of living, we become more aware of the pain in the faces of those around us. When we see others in pain, we quietly pray for them as we would for ourselves for in so doing not only are they uplifted; the whole world is uplifted as well. All humankind will be raised to the Heavens if each of us adds our inch.
Miracles Of Recovery 

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