Never Poke A Lion In The Eye

Never Poke A Lion In The Eye

In the second act of my life I made my living as a building contractor. One of the lessons the man who sponsored me to become a contractor imparted was “When the workday is over stop working.” At the time this seemed pretty simple, if not downright painfully obvious. Kinda like never poke a lion in the eye. In time, however, I began to understand what he was really talking about. Working in construction there is always some little task that needs doing. I learned, through painful experience, once I stopped working for the day, having removed my tool belt and bags, not to put them back on. On more than one occasion, unfortunately, I spied a crooked nail, loose board or some other small task which could have easily waited until the next day, choosing instead to address it before going home. Right after the hammer slipped and smacked me on the shin or I hit the nail and heard the unmistakable sound of water hissing from a pierced pipe or missed the nail on the wall, hitting my thumbnail instead, I would then remember, belatedly, his words. 

In time though the deeper meaning behind this admonition began to dawn on me.  Most days long after I had physically left the job site I was still there in my mind, needlessly rehashing the days’ events or worrying about things I had no control over. Emmet Fox refers to this as “taking the train” mentally. Dr Fox taught, “don’t take the train mentally-let the engine take it” most of the things in my life that I have worried about never came to pass, and I bet yours as well, so “letting the engine take it” today means I let go of manufactured worries, morbid reflection if you like, avoiding needless mental wear and tear and “when the workday is over stop working.”  Oh, and I never poke lions in the eye, that would be foolish, just sayin.

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