Camels of Discord

Camels of Discord

Those who live with camels soon learn if a camel sticks its nose under their tent flap they must strike it immediately to keep the camel out since camels have no reverse. They know, from experience, if the camel gets its head in it’s coming in all the way and quite frankly, camels make poor roommates. Morbid reflection and negative thinking are “camel noses” in our minds’ eye which regularly try to wheedle their way into our consciousness. Though Living on the Spiritual Basis raises our awareness, though we stand vigilant unfortunately no one catches every one since they wear a variety of masks and are persistent and single minded in their assault on our serenity. What truly matters is what we do when they gain entry. When you discover a camel in your “tent” consider the following: “When trouble comes, cheerfully capitalize it as an opportunity to demonstrate God’s omnipotence.” We do this by directed prayer and meditation, bathing the trouble in Divine Light and Presence, turning our camel out quickly and peacefully. Shhhh…Just between you, me and the fence post I still don’t have the cheerfully part down pat yet, but by Living on the Spiritual Basis we do become well practiced in camel eviction procedures.

Miracles Of Recovery
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