The Law Of Limitation Repealed

The Law Of Limitation Repealed

Most of us understand how secular laws work: break one and get caught there is a price to pay, pretty simple. Whether it’s a traffic, criminal, business or tax law a secular price will be exacted if we transgress and get “caught.” Then there are the Cosmic or Spiritual Laws and unlike man’s laws they are enforced impersonally: rich or poor, personal beliefs notwithstanding, status, geographical location, gender or skin color of no regard. Additionally, unlike secular law they cannot be appealed or superseded by judicial fiat. In some ways like the Law of Gravity. No one in their right mind would step off a high ledge and expect to float to the ground. Yet many do exactly that with the Law of Limitation! And unlike gravity we invoke this law ourselves! Whenever we say to ourselves things like: “I’m too old/young to…” “I’ll never be any good or successful at…” “I love doing ____ but I could never make a living at it” “What would my friends/spouse/children/family think if I…” “I know God loves me and wants me to prosper, but…” these thoughts and many others all invoke the Law of Limitation.

The good news is unlike the Law of Gravity, since we invoke the Law of Limitation ourselves, we can repeal it as well. How? By stepping out in faith. Our heart is constantly speaking to us in an even quiet voice, gently but insistently prodding us to seek greater expression in our lives, fulfilling our Heart’s Desire. Divine Life wants each and every one of us to be Happy, Joyous and Free, so when we resist giving in to self-centered fear by trusting the Miraculous, demonstrating faith, we avoid invoking the Law of Limitation and jump from the precipice of fear-based living and soar to true freedom.
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