Leaving The Past, In The Past

Leaving The Past, In The Past

“Live in today, and do not allow yourself to live in the past under any pretense. Living in the past means thinking about the past, rehearsing past events, especially if you do this with feeling…Train yourself to be a man or women who lives one day at a time. You’ll be surprised how rapidly conditions will change for the better when you approach this ideal.” Emmet Fox.

One of the truths of Living on the Spiritual Basis is the only time we can be present for God, the only time we can stand in the presence of Truth, the only time we can demonstrate love and Spiritual guidance in our lives, is in the present moment. We may have a long history of Him demonstrating in our life, but our “forgetter” discounts it. Fear would have us believe that even though God was there in the past, for some undefined reason He won’t be there moving forward.

Think of how easy it is to dredge up memories of the times when we acted something less than our best or when we were hurt in some way. Yet it takes effort to bring to the forefront of memory those times when we were at our best or life went our way. When the Great Carpenter taught, “let the dead bury the dead” he admonished us to leave the past in the past. We are forgiven as soon as we ask, the matter settled, yet so often we drag a past transgression into the present to cast its ashes about, even though God has forgiven us, we have not forgiven ourselves. Only by living in today and keeping our eyes fixed on the road ahead, regardless of how frightening it may seem, can we demonstrate God’s love and power in our life, demonstrating the truth of God’s forgiveness. Refuse then the clarion call of the past where fear, the adversary with a thousand faces lurks, and be free.

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