Relaxed Contrary Action

Relaxed Contrary Action

Living on the Spiritual Basis we stand vigilant and are never afraid of questioning or re-examining any belief or position regardless of how long we may have held it. The truth will set you free is true whether we have been on the path a few months or most of our lives. When we first embark on the path of Living on the Spiritual Basis we are confronted with large, easily recognizable defects and shortcomings. As time flows by the impediments to spiritual growth become smaller, less pronounced, often obscured by a layer of misunderstanding or complacency masquerading as truth which requires greater, deeper vision to see. The natural response is to work harder, dig deeper and faster to ferret these things out. The problem is our spiritual vision is not sufficiently refined to adequately recognize them; so contrary action is called for.

So we relax, we take it easy. Hard work in this area only makes the work harder. Continue to pray and meditate daily, asking to be shown the way of patience, tolerance, kindness and love. In natural course, the partially hidden shoals will become visible and can be addressed spiritually. To be clear: we do not work on them; Divine Consciousness makes them visible and when we are spiritually ready, removes them. Our part is to remain willing, willing to go to any lengths to be spiritually aware, humble in service.

By embracing spiritual living in this way you will find the wind at your back most of the time, but if for some reason you discover you are facing the wrong way, relax and trust in Divine Mind to alter your direction back to the true path.

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