If You Had 3 Wishes

If You Had 3 Wishes

If you had three wishes, what would they be? Riches? Immortality? A perfect body unaffected by any food consumed or sedentary lifestyle? Your children healthy and prospering? Mosquitoes extinct? Probably we have all dreamed of what we would ask for if Aladdin’s lamp came into our possession. How about the ability to fly? To make all politicians and car salesmen tell the truth? Now that would be something unheard of. Along with flying, there are a whole myriad of superpowers that would be pretty cool. Strength, telepathy, breathing underwater, invisibility, etc. all make for an interesting thought experiment. I have pondered on this and today if I could have a super power it would be the power to instill common sense. I would walk through crowds brushing against people, striking them down with common sense, and just like the popular end of the world virus scenarios once infected every person they touched in turn would become infected as well (insert diabolical laughter here). Soon the entire world would be infected and there would be nothing that could be done to stop it, common sense would Rule The World!! (More diabolical laughter).

OK, diabolical laughter aside, if common sense was, well common, consider how the world would be transformed. No one would talk or text, apply makeup, read, shave, consume a three-course meal or any of the other thousand things some folks do while piloting a couple of tons of steel down the highway.  Politicians and leaders would actually be concerned about those they serve, working for something other than their legacy, their bank account or trading on their influence for personal gain. I may be naive, but I believe that common sense would resolve conflicts in a twinkling, all parties working toward the welfare of all involved. Terrorists, once infected, would slap their foreheads saying, “What was I thinking?” and then do something constructive with their lives. Admit it, wouldn’t you love to be watching TV when some self-obsessed personality or politician became infected on air? Professional athletes’ salaries would become commensurate to the reality that they play games for a living, while teachers’ pay would reflect the importance of the role they play. Reality TV and infomercials would cease to exist overnight. No pollution or litter, for no one with a lick of common sense would poison his or her environment or trash it. Kinda gives one pause to wonder doesn’t it.

I know, Common Sense Man does not have the same panache as Captain America, Wolverine, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hulk, Thor, Superman or Ironman but in the real world, clear thinking and common sense are of much greater value than retractable Admantium claws or going through life saying HULK SMASH! My other two wishes? Common sense dictates I keep some things to myself. Excelsior!

Miracles Of Recovery

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