Regret and Fear

Regret and Fear

“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for the past and fear of the future” Fulton Oursler.

When in the grip of fear that sense of something dreadful lurking around the next corner ready to attack and rend us asunder is often overwhelming, our peace in spirit lost in hopelessness, feeling weighed down so deeply even simple acts become a struggle. In truth, fear is a liar but an implacable foe, an adversary beyond our ability to defeat alone for fear never sleeps, always vigilant, patience personified; cunning, baffling and powerful and though we may rally and occasionally win a battle, the outcome of the war is never truly in doubt when we rely solely upon our limited human resources when battling this thief of serenity. While regrets (fears partner in crime) over past mistakes or perceived opportunities lost opens us to morbid reflection. When we reflect morbidly anxiety, lament and depression become our traveling companions, the True Grace of forgiveness replaced with self-centered negative introspection. Fear and regret always see the future dark and hopeless, crushing the peace and serenity that is ours by birthright.

Living on the Spiritual Basis we have learned through prayer, meditation and selfless action to rely on the Creative Life Force at the heart of everything for our strength. In so doing we face fear with faith, enabling us to meet seeming calamity with serenity, Grace realized, the thief fear barred entry into our consciousness, and we are free: Peace, poise and freedom from the bondage of self in demonstration and action.  

Miracles Of Recovery

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