Grudging Deliverance

Grudging Deliverance

When facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge in life, finding our back against the wall, all secular answers and escape routes seemingly exhausted, beset on all sides by fear and the perceived negative outcome, we become willing. From this nadir of spirit, a spark of faith bursts into life. In truth it was always there, buried beneath conventional thinking and secular belief. When faced with the insurmountable, having exhausted the conventional, we are left only with what was once may have been unthinkable, prayer. Perhaps we have not prayed in years or ever prayed in a religious sense. Perhaps we believed ourselves to be agnostic or a conversational atheist effectively leaving the question of God simmering on a back burner, only to find life has turned up the heat and the pot is boiling over.

We may even be surrounded by people trying to help, yet we feel alone, lost, trapped, the walls closing in, no apparent way out. So, we begin to pray. We make sure we are alone, unseen. We may even feel guilty for all those times we disparaged those “holy rollers,” having felt superior to those weak-willed believers, perhaps even gleefully engaged in a little schadenfreude when a religious figure fell from favor. But now having found ourselves at the court of last resort, bereft of any more “good” ideas or plans, we finally turn to prayer.

From this moment of trepidation, one book closes and a new one opens. We quickly find that the universe does not make too hard terms for those who earnestly seek. The Miraculous will make itself known to us, if we ask. The Great Carpenter taught that upon this mustard seed’s worth of belief, a deeply rooted and strong spiritual life can be grown. Our job to remain open minded, honest and willing to learn.

Having stepped on to this path, does it mean our prayers are answered in the manner we outline? Doubtful. All prayers are answered in the positive, and our vision is limited while God’s is not. Spiritual hindsight has shown me that many of the things I prayed for, had they been delivered as I ordered them, would have caused more trouble and problems down the road. Prayer will never cause pain or unintended consequences, so it is not that the universe says no, for no is not in its vocabulary but it will not say yes to anything that may cause any harm, intended or not.

There are many questions about life and living that are beyond our ability to comprehend. So, we to pray “softly,” form and style of little importance, speaking from the heart of paramount importance. God will Deliver, in some good way, for our birthright is to be Happy, Joyous and Free.

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