Anger and Indignation: The Price

Anger and Indignation: The Price

Anger and indignation are spiritual poison. Period. When we are angry, outraged, indignant, upset or offended, who pays the price? We do. Sure, we may vent at the source of our displeasure, but our face becomes red, our heart beats faster, our blood pressure rises, our serenity is lost, our peace of mind replaced with turmoil. Even if we get the chance to give them “a piece of our mind” what was really accomplished? Then there are those occasions when the object of our ire is beyond our reach, speeding away down the road, on the other side of the TV screen or radio speaker or try as we might we just cannot get through the maze of voice mailboxes to get to a real person and ranting e-mails are wholly unsatisfying. There are few laws that are truly immutable, here is one: we reap as we sow.

Immutable: adj
Unchanging or unchangeable: not changing or not able to be changed (Encarta)

We cannot get angry enough to instill peace, in ourselves or anyone else. No one has ever been moved for long in a positive way when anger is the sole motivation and no world leader or politician has ever changed their mind because we yelled at the TV or posted something on social media.

Does this mean we should go through life with a Mona Lisa type smile cemented on our face, never taking a stand or pointing out mistakes, having no opinion on anything? Of course not, Living on the Spiritual Basis is not about disconnecting from life, floating above it all, but connecting in new and profound ways, for we are living on a new basis, the basis of trusting and relying on God.

There will always be something or someone to be upset at or offended by, but our peace, our serenity must never be the victim. When we allow the world to get the better of us, we suffer the pain we are attempting to inflict on others. We drink the poison of resentment and discontent, we become upset and irritable, we close ourselves off from the sunlight of the spirit and not only do we suffer, but those closest to us do as well. So, the next time the thought “I have a right to be angry” crosses your mind, remember who truly pays the price for this “right.”

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