Miraculous Revealed

Miraculous Revealed

Ever wonder where the phrase One Day At A Time popularized by Alcoholics Anonymous came from?  Emmet Fox is the most likely source, he wrote: “Live in today, and do not allow yourself to live in the past under any pretense. Living in the past means thinking about the past, rehearsing past events, especially if you do this with feeling…train yourself to be a man or woman who lives one day at a time. You’ll be surprised how rapidly conditions will change for the better when you approach this ideal.” Dr. Fox said this a few years before Bill Wilson sobered up and many, including Bill, of the early rummies studied Dr. Fox’s spiritual principles, many of which found their way into the book, Alcoholics Anonymous.

When we marry one thing at a time with one day at a time, we have a simple yet powerful guide for living: Living on the Spiritual Basis. The only time we can be present for God, the only time we can stand in the presence of God, the only time God can be present in our lives, is in this moment. He was there yesterday, and I trust He will be there tomorrow, such is faith, but our work is done right here, right now. When we keep our head where our hands are, our eyes fixed on the Miraculous, our heart in His care, nothing can ever truly harm us.

Miracles Of Recovery

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