“But for the Grace of God go I” 2019

“But for the Grace of God go I” 2019 Walking the way we talk. When we espouse one thing but act in a contrary manner not only does it make us look untrustworthy but also opens the door to all manner of spiritual disease and unease coupled with a corresponding disconnect from truth. Wishing toContinue reading ““But for the Grace of God go I” 2019”

Real Action

Real Action How many Spiritually based websites or pages do you visit or follow? How many spiritually themed books are on your real or virtual bookshelf, by how many different authors? Perhaps Chopra, Fox, Dyer, Gibran, maybe Schuler, Wilkerson, Grizone and Warren are a few of them? How about The Secret or the heavy hitters:Continue reading “Real Action”

Overcoming Limitation Thinking

Overcoming Limitation Thinking Regardless of path or discipline, teachers of spiritual principles agree on this point: freedom comes when limitation is overcome. On the surface the differences in approach from one school of thought to another can often seem dramatic if not downright contradictory, but in essence they are all tools to address the sameContinue reading “Overcoming Limitation Thinking”

Forms of Meditation: Focused Meditation

Forms of Meditation: Focused Meditation Focused Meditation: Is employed to address a specific problem, difficulty or question. Again, find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted or disturbed and perform the cleansing breaths previously outlined. If asked what you are about, do not explain the specifics of the meditation, for in so doingContinue reading “Forms of Meditation: Focused Meditation”

Forms of Meditation: Chanting

Forms of Meditation: Chanting Chanting Meditation: Begin with three cleansing breaths. You will want to find an undisturbed, quiet spot, that is additionally out of the earshot of others. You will not be shouting, though you can if you like, but you will be speaking aloud. The chant can be anything really, however it isContinue reading “Forms of Meditation: Chanting”

Forms of Meditation: Reflective

Forms of Meditation: Reflective Meditation is a topic that seems to cause much unnecessary grief and consternation. Many hold to the false notion that meditation is “quieting” the mind. Well, the mind will not be quieted! Our mind is always in motion, right now your mind is regulating all the various systems and organs inContinue reading “Forms of Meditation: Reflective”

Worldly Clamors

Worldly Clamors When we first experience the gifts from Living on the Spiritual Basis, it is natural to want more. In short order we begin to try to reach beyond our understanding, seeking in prayer to accomplish things that are contrary to the path. Naturally, the answer to these requests is silence. God never saysContinue reading “Worldly Clamors”

Fallow Fields of Ignorance

Fallow Fields of Ignorance Know anyone so set in their ways or thinking dynamite couldn’t move them off a position or opinion? Most individuals by the time they have reached their 40’s have pretty much sorted out what they do or do not believe, have become “set in their ways,” their mind effectively closed toContinue reading “Fallow Fields of Ignorance”

Fears’ Last Redoubt

Fears’ Last Redoubt One of the greater hindrances to our continued spiritual growth is the fear of exposure, spiritually. We have become consistent and faithful in our spiritual work and demonstration, confronted the fears which have blocked us off from the Sunlight of the Spirit; have acknowledged and become willing to address our shortcomings andContinue reading “Fears’ Last Redoubt”

Morbid Reflection and Repentance

Morbid Reflection and Repentance The word repentance has a definite religious feel to it. Perhaps I have watched too many old movies, but I can’t help but see in my mind’s eye a preacher exhorting their congregation to REPENT or else. So, if we are Living on the Spiritual Basis what does it mean toContinue reading “Morbid Reflection and Repentance”

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