Overcoming Limitation Thinking

Overcoming Limitation Thinking

Regardless of path or discipline, teachers of spiritual principles agree on this point: freedom comes when limitation is overcome. On the surface the differences in approach from one school of thought to another can often seem dramatic if not downright contradictory, but in essence they are all tools to address the same thing, our perceived loss or missing connection to true Source/Higher Self which provides clarity, direction and serenity in our lives. To be clear: We are not/cannot be disconnected from Source, for we are comprised of Source. Flesh is ephemeral, but our Spirit, soul if you prefer, is eternal, has always been, will always be, was never born and can never die. We choose to believe in a gulf or lack of connection out of fear and the seeming unfairness of life. Our ability to comprehend the totality of existence with our limited understanding of the Miraculous leads us down paths of denial and often into spiritual “make believe.” It is seemingly easier to hold that we are living at the whim of creation or conversely chaos, therefore taking no responsibility for our lives, than to live in purpose, coming to grips with the truth that we are where we are because of every choice and decision we have ever made. Fear modulating between what if there is no God to God will punish me for I have chosen and/or acted poorly.

In truth: When we know who walks beside us every day, on this path we have chosen, we will never be afraid again. Just as every child is connected to their parent by blood, we are connected to Ultimate Source in Spirit. Arguing over the title of this Source is one of the Adversary’s, Fear, greatest tricks to keep us locked into the bondage of self, limitation ascendant.

To free ourselves from the self-imposed fetters on our spiritual life we must strip away the lurking fears holding us back and step out in faith, the faith generated from the certainty of our true connection with Source. Living any other way is existence restricted, fear rather than faith dominate, living in the light desired but giving in to the carnal always beckoning shadows of limitation thinking, Fear’s handmaiden. We overcome limitation by standing, though often trembling, in the light, proclaiming our love and steadfast belief in our connection to and with the Miraculous.

Miracles Of Recovery 

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