Forms of Meditation: Focused Meditation

Forms of Meditation: Focused Meditation

Focused Meditation: Is employed to address a specific problem, difficulty or question. Again, find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted or disturbed and perform the cleansing breaths previously outlined. If asked what you are about, do not explain the specifics of the meditation, for in so doing you invite failure since our time in meditation, to be vital, must be treated as sacred “me” time in concert with source. Speak of it in general terms with those seeking help but keep the specifics between you and Divine mind. Now, in your mind’s eye visualize the issue at hand. Avoiding judgement, observe the issue troubling you in all its aspects, the individuals involved and possible outcomes without consciously outlining a solution. After you have thoroughly explored, without words, the issue, silently ask for the correct course of action to become evident. End the session thanking the Universe (God) that you now know it (Him) better, take a cleansing breath and go about your day. Again, avoid telling anyone about your meditation for this opens us to negative judgement.

Purpose: In focused meditation we invite Universal Mind to address our difficulties, without outlining solutions. In short order you will intuitively know what to do, amazingly the answers will just come. In this way we begin to rely on the infinite, all knowledgeable Source instead of our finite selves.

Over the last few days some simple methods of meditation have been outlined, there are many others. In closing hold this truth evident: the purpose of meditation is not to become better at meditation, that will happen naturally in time, the purpose is simply to meditate. Be consistent, don’t struggle and in short order this quiet time with the Miraculous will become as natural as breathing.
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