Forms of Meditation: Chanting

Forms of Meditation: Chanting

Chanting Meditation: Begin with three cleansing breaths. You will want to find an undisturbed, quiet spot, that is additionally out of the earshot of others. You will not be shouting, though you can if you like, but you will be speaking aloud. The chant can be anything really, however it is suggested that it have some spiritual significance to you. Keep it short and simple: God is great or There is only one God or Divine love drives me or be still and know that I am God you get the idea. Close your eyes and begin chanting until the transition. What is the transition? It is the moment we touch the part of our mind which typically only surfaces in dreams. The first time you experience this transition it will frighten you. This is natural, for the transition is dipping down into the subconscious where we truly touch the infinite.

Purpose: By staying focused on the chanting, the conscious mind loses its grip and the sub-conscious floats to the surface and we transition into a waking dream. With consistent effort and practice you will find yourself actually leaving the conscious realm entirely and walking the hidden world of the sub-conscious. Your body will continue to chant but you will lose awareness of it as you travel the astral planes (yep, there are more than one). If you walk this path, make sure your body is left in a safe place for in a deep meditation, though still connected to your body you will not feel it in any real sense.

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