Worldly Clamors

Worldly Clamors

When we first experience the gifts from Living on the Spiritual Basis, it is natural to want more. In short order we begin to try to reach beyond our understanding, seeking in prayer to accomplish things that are contrary to the path. Naturally, the answer to these requests is silence. God never says no, for no does not exist in the vocabulary of the Divine. Many confuse God’s inaction with his passing judgment in the negative, which is not possible. To be clear: The Universe will not grant a request that is not wholly positive to all concerned. The real trouble begins when we, in our limited vision and understanding, try to read the tea leaves, to understand the infinite with our finite vision. The questions that naturally abound here are legion. How could a “loving” God allow: suffering innocents, war, financial struggles, debilitating illness, and on and on. In the midst of pain and/or loss it is difficult to keep hold of true perspective: that we are in fact eternal beings, this flesh a mere conveyance of our eternal consciousness, that we have always existed and always will, this day a single day in eternity, the Miraculous that we are part and parcel of not limited in vision and understanding.

On a personal note: I am as limited as you, my vision restricted by this flesh and the clamors of this world. A sick, suffering child or loved one, pain and grief rained down on innocents often seemingly for no reason, leaves me as heart sick as you. But we cannot get sad enough to help the suffering. We cannot get sick enough to help the dying. We cannot get poor enough to help those who lack. We cannot meet hate with hate and expect peace. What we can and must do is pray to the best of our current ability and understanding and trust (demonstrated faith) that on the day of our translation from this flesh all mysteries will be revealed.

The path is simple, but not easy. Each day Practice the Presence of God in all your affairs. Pray to be shown the way of patience, tolerance, kindness and love. Pray as well for those suffering, asking in meditation what you can do each day to be of service to and for them, leaving the ultimate outcome to God. In this simple way the universe responds, God’s will realized, true timeless healing manifest. If we can do this, even while trembling, keep an even mind though the Adversary Fear claws at us, we touch the heart of faith, walk in grace and are reborn daily in Spirit.

Miracles Of Recovery

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