Fallow Fields of Ignorance

Fallow Fields of Ignorance

Know anyone so set in their ways or thinking dynamite couldn’t move them off a position or opinion? Most individuals by the time they have reached their 40’s have pretty much sorted out what they do or do not believe, have become “set in their ways,” their mind effectively closed to differing opinions or points of view, any new growth effectively choked off by the weight of a “settled” mind, their character fixed, the definition of a “closed mind.”

1.  lack of knowledge or education
2.  unawareness of something, often of something important

Somewhere in the sands of time the term ignorance transformed from a simply descriptive term to a pejorative, to be ignorant simply means we are unaware, lack knowledge or worse, refuse to learn.

Our spiritual schooling involves the development of every aspect of character, for who can truly say they understand another until they have walked a mile in their shoes?

The lessons needed to learn to become truly spiritually aware are legion. Consider: To truly understand leadership first the lessons of humility and the necessity of resisting the siren song of corruption absolute power sings is necessary. To live alone and be at peace or live among many comfortably, learning to view all as equals, children of the Miraculous, regardless of how they may offend. To learn these things and so many others and to do it from both the male and female perspective is a task far beyond the capacity of any single lifetime clearly, so our long spiritual schooling is not constrained by our limited understanding of time or the finality of flesh. Our Father is eternal and so are His children. “We are as old as eternity and as young as God.”

So our job now is not to concern ourselves with past lessons or those yet to come, but to reside in the moment, for though He was there yesterday and promises to be there tomorrow, He resides in today, with us, His children. By keeping our eyes on Him who has all knowledge and power, ignorance melts away, closed minds open anew and our growth in spiritual understanding blossoms.

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