Saint Peter Cried

Saint Peter Cried We lay “claim” to things daily, usually without a thought. Whenever we start a statement with “My”, we claim ownership. Having ruminated on this over the years, I think I am finally getting it. Although I may have a headache or a flair up of arthritis, do I really want to “own” them?Continue reading “Saint Peter Cried”

Why God?

Why God? We are actively engaged in daily prayer, meditation and service yet areas of our life seemingly are not improving, and new troubles seem to keep appearing, why? We have come to believe that God is all-powerful, all knowledge and intelligence, the one true source of all abundance, immanent, yet our pleadings are seeminglyContinue reading “Why God?”

Divine Love Banishes Fear

Divine Love Banishes Fear Everyday planes depart in the rain. The aircraft pulls away from the gate and takes its place in line for takeoff. Soon the engines spool up, the brakes released, the craft quickly gains speed, the passengers pushed back in their seats by the acceleration. The nose lifts as the cabin windowsContinue reading “Divine Love Banishes Fear”

When We Change The Way We Look At Things….

When We Change The Way We Look At Things…. “We are sure God wants us to be happy, joyous and free. We cannot subscribe to the belief that this life is a vale of tears, though it was just that for many of us. But it is clear that we made our own misery. GodContinue reading “When We Change The Way We Look At Things….”

Justified Anger and Living on the Spiritual Basis

Justified Anger and Living on the Spiritual Basis We cannot have our indignation or “justified” anger and live on the spiritual basis. If we wish to comprehend serenity and know peace, we must choose our basis for living: carnal or spiritual. There are many things in life where we can be lukewarm, wishy washy, kindaContinue reading “Justified Anger and Living on the Spiritual Basis”

Prayer Is Always The Answer 2019

Prayer Is Always The Answer 2019 I have not always “really” prayed. Sure, there were those furtive pleas of “please let me pass this (math, English, history, etc.) test,” “please stop the room from spinning” (if you have never said this prayer, I hope you never have too), “please, don’t let her be pregnant, IContinue reading “Prayer Is Always The Answer 2019”

Selling It

Selling It It is been suggested we “pray with a feather” for prayer should never be hard work. Additionally, when engaged in prayer we should not concern ourselves with phrasing or providing long explanations. The longer the explanation or “set up” the more obvious we are trying to “sell it.” Now in truth, who areContinue reading “Selling It”

A Wonderful Contemplation. Really.

A Wonderful Contemplation. Really. Nobel Prize for Physics winner Max Planck in a 1944 speech on the nature of matter stated: “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assumeContinue reading “A Wonderful Contemplation. Really.”

A Carpenter and Forrest Gump

A Carpenter and Forrest Gump Fate, as a conscious power, is a convenient catch all for those unwilling to do the work required to live the examined life. When we understand the Laws of Attraction and Reaping and Sowing, fate is placed in its proper perspective. To be clear: Many things attributed to fate areContinue reading “A Carpenter and Forrest Gump”

Spiritual Treatment

Spiritual Treatment Spiritual Treatment is prayer directed at a pressing problem or concern. Unlike general prayers which are our daily visit with God, a treatment is a surgical operation on the soul. A difficulty has arisen in our life; the reasons for its arrival a distraction, like focusing on who sold the nail we steppedContinue reading “Spiritual Treatment”

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