Prayer Is Always The Answer 2019

Prayer Is Always The Answer 2019

I have not always “really” prayed. Sure, there were those furtive pleas of “please let me pass this (math, English, history, etc.) test,” “please stop the room from spinning” (if you have never said this prayer, I hope you never have too), “please, don’t let her be pregnant, I promise to use protection from now on,” you know, the get me out of this jam and I promise to be good or change my way prayers.

Prayer changed for me when I found myself facing a self-imposed crisis I could no longer evade or postpone. Bereft of any more “good” ideas or people to manipulate I was driven to my knees and said my first, of what has since become many, from the heart honest prayers: “God help me.”

Did a light shine down or angels pick me up and carry me away in that moment? Perfect enlightenment and the solution to all my difficulties presented on a silver platter? No, but the soul crushing weight I was under did lessen allowing to take a deep breath and honestly seek help.

Many years have passed since that first honest prayer, and though far from perfect in prayer, I have watched prayer work miracles of healing in my life and uncounted others. Today I live in the absolute certainty of the Power of Prayer; when speaking to those unconvinced of prayers efficacy I offer: If I could only show you the world through my eyes and experience, you too would be convinced, by demonstration, that Prayer Is Always The Answer, especially when we are unclear on the question.

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