Justified Anger and Living on the Spiritual Basis

Justified Anger and Living on the Spiritual Basis

We cannot have our indignation or “justified” anger and live on the spiritual basis. If we wish to comprehend serenity and know peace, we must choose our basis for living: carnal or spiritual. There are many things in life where we can be lukewarm, wishy washy, kinda in and kinda out, take it or leave it, Spiritual Living is not one of them; it requires a wholehearted commitment on our part.

Living on the Spiritual Basis requires:

1) Turning our will and life over to the care and direction of a Power Greater Than Ourselves, as we understand it.

2) Study and work to develop a clear understanding of what this Power is and isn‘t, but at its minimum this power must be loving, intelligent and available. Begin to clear away the debris from living on the carnal basis; learning to value the welfare of others and the power of selfless service, of course this is a lifetime endeavor.

 3) Give all power to your new friend, God for lack of a better name, in every sense, for every area of our existence is under His purview, nothing hidden, all secrets revealed.

4) Turn to the Miraculous in prayer, holding fast to the belief that prayer can accomplish anything.

5) Destroy with prayer any negative thoughts as they surface, refusing to allow them purchase in your consciousness. Remembering no one does this perfectly, so we do not berate ourselves if a wolf in sheep’s clothing sneaks in, we just address it in prayer upon becoming aware.

6) Understanding “reaping and sowing.” That not only do our actions have consequence, habitual negative thinking does as well, what we focus on, we bring into our lives. So, to be free, we must focus on the positive.

7) We practice the Presence of God, to the best of your current ability, in everything and with everyone, always, but especially with those you disagree with or dislike. To be clear: Seeing God in everyone and everything does not mean we cannot or should not hold strong opinions or points of view, but instead of engaging in negative prattle and thinking, we seek the higher ground Living on the Spiritual Basis provides. For in truth, “there is a little bit of bad in the best of us and a little bit of good in the worst,” such is being human.

8) We book end our days in meditation, starting each day asking to be shown the way of patience, tolerance, kindness and love, that our motives throughout the day be devoid of selfishness and self-seeking. Ending our day with constructive meditation on the day’s events, refusing to allow morbid reflection to infect this time in spirit.

In time, with practice, this way of life will become second nature, its benefits concrete, becoming readily evident as we face seeming calamity with serenity, no longer driven or dominated by anger and its soulmate, fear.

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