Selling It

Selling It

It is been suggested we “pray with a feather” for prayer should never be hard work. Additionally, when engaged in prayer we should not concern ourselves with phrasing or providing long explanations. The longer the explanation or “set up” the more obvious we are trying to “sell it.” Now in truth, who are we really trying to sell, God or ourselves? “Guilty with an explanation your Honor.” God already knows our heart and mind, all the issues of our life for He is closer than breath, nearer than hands and feet. Remember, His love is unconditional, grace freely given regardless of our transgressions, impossible to earn. Though there may and probably will be secular consequences for our past ill-conceived actions and words, we are forgiven in spirit as soon as we earnestly ask, our real task then to demonstrate forgiveness in action, to others but most importantly to ourselves. So, we pray simply, honestly, quietly from the heart, for when we do, we receive openly and in great measure, forgiveness manifest, for that is the promise.

Miracles Of Recovery 

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