Divine Love Banishes Fear

Divine Love Banishes Fear

Everyday planes depart in the rain. The aircraft pulls away from the gate and takes its place in line for takeoff. Soon the engines spool up, the brakes released, the craft quickly gains speed, the passengers pushed back in their seats by the acceleration. The nose lifts as the cabin windows are obscured by driving rain, then everything turns white as the plane enters the clouds. A few seconds pass and then it happens, bright sunshine bursts into the cabin, momentarily blinding in its intensity. The rain, darkness and shadows replaced with brilliance. In truth the sunshine was always there, it was merely obscured by a temporary condition.

When we find ourselves in the midst of a difficulty, clouds of fear placing us in shadow, the sunshine of God’s love in truth has never ceased. By raising our consciousness through prayer, meditation and selfless service we demonstrate over fear, raising ourselves above the clouds, standing in the light and love that was always there. Fear exposed for what it truly is, a shadow, Divine Love the light banishing it from our heart.

Miracles Of Recovery

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