Why God?

Why God?

We are actively engaged in daily prayer, meditation and service yet areas of our life seemingly are not improving, and new troubles seem to keep appearing, why? We have come to believe that God is all-powerful, all knowledge and intelligence, the one true source of all abundance, immanent, yet our pleadings are seemingly falling on deaf ears, why? Through demonstration and adherence to spiritual principles our consciousness has risen, we have experienced the joy of standing in the light, seen the light begin to shine in our life and the lives of others, yet we are struggling, why?
Time is a curious thing. Einstein proved it is in fact, flexible, affected by both gravity and speed, relative to the observer’s point of view. God though is unaffected by our relationship with time, its effect on us. The passing of the seasons, the marking of birthdays are human constructs, our time line of remembrance, not God’s.

When we are in emotional or physical pain or just struggling with some difficulty, we desire relief, answers now. The universe does not answer to our time line. Faith requires the willingness to trust that the miraculous is working, unseen, to address the issues of our lives. I am reminded again of the hen and her eggs. The miracle of creation is happening inside the egg, the hen’s job to have faith and care for the unborn chick, trusting in the unseen to do the work, in its good time.

So we answer the question of why by trusting in faith, trusting in the unseen. Remembering that this day is a single day in a very long existence, the spark of the Divine within us eternal, having never been born, will never die, not limited by flesh, having always been and will always be, we strive to live beyond the present by being present in the moment for Our Father and our fellows. The past is written, the future the ink in the pen, becoming reality as it moves across the pages of our lives. So be present for the story of your life, standing firm in faith and in His good “time,” why evaporates.

Miracles Of Recovery

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